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  Heart Hospital is located in the northeastern city of Jilin, China. It is a private Hospital whose focus is cardiovascular care and the predominant treatment is surgery.
  Jin Shu, the current president and chief executive officer, established the Bo Hua Hospital on October 15, 2000. In 2001, Dr. Ray Graf, MD, FACC, began visiting the Bo Hua Heart Hospital to perform cardiac interventions. He has continued to visit the hospital two times each year since that time. In addition, in 2001 Dr. Charles Sands, PharmD, was appointed as the Honorary President of Bo Hua Heart Hospital.
  Initially, the Hospital consisted of an area of 1068 square meters, with 18 staff and 18 beds. Currently, Bo Hua Hospital has more than 4000 square meters of space, with about 80 staff and 80 beds.
 In October 2001, the Hospital performed the first cardiac surgery on a patient with congenital heart disease [OHS under extracorporeal circulation]. Additional surgery types are now also performed, including Patent Ductus Arteriosus, patch of Ventricular Septal Defect, tetralogy of Fallot, heart tumor and coronary artery bypass graft. This type of specialized surgery shows the rapid development of Bo Hua Hospital with respect to medical technology, medical equipment and a highly trained medical staff. In 2001, Bo Hua Hospital was the first private hospital in Jilin City to perform cardiac surgery. In April 2005, Bo Hua Hospital purchased DSA equipment and established a cardiovascular intervention center. Bo Hua Hospital became the first private hospital in Jilin City to purchase this kind of highly specialized equipment. Since that time, Bo Hua Hospital has performed peripheral angiography and coronary artery angiography surgeries.
  Bo Hua Hospital also performs other numerous types of surgery, including chest surgery, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, and obstetric and gynecological operations. In addition, Bo Hua has a comprehensive internal medicine department, a physiotherapeutic department, stress-testing capability, an electro diagnosis department, a radiation department, a gastro scope department, a pathology department and other auxiliary diagnosis departments.
   By the end of 2007, Bo Hua Hospital had completed the following procedures since its opening in 2000: >6,000 inpatients, 100 cardiac surgeries, 200 orthopedic surgeries, and more than 2000 gynecological operations. Additionally, more than 2000 general surgery, urological surgery and orthopedic cases have been performed. Furthermore, the hospital has performed ~1,300 pathological (histological) exams.
  Bo Hua Hospital‘s fee structure is set reasonably and these charges are made transparent to patients prior to any services being provided. As Bo Hua’s main emphasis is to care for the patient, the hospital offers many services to assist patients, including: free breakfast for the patients in the hospital and free transportation to and from the hospital for patients. Furthermore, on every Friday morning, rural patients can be met at the train or bus station and transported to the hospital at no charge. As the hospital seeks to serve the low-income patient, the examination fee is half price on the weekend for qualified patients.
For the dignity of dying patients, the Hospital has created a Hospice room. This allows dying patients to spend their last days according to their traditions and beliefs. The goal is to allow them to die peacefully and with dignity.
  Bo Hua Hospital also focuses on two special groups of people: Koreans and Christians. Bo Hua Hospital has created a special department and personnel to provide special medical treatment for them. Additionally, the Hospital staff has traveled more than 1000km to rural areas where the population is predominantly ethnic Koreans and where there are also many Christians. The hospital provides free consultation for these individuals and has created a special discount card for Koreans as well as Christians; and more than 20,000 of these cards have been distributed. Additionally, for the convenience of the elderly, Bo Hua Hospital‘s doctors have visited retirement homes periodically for free for many years.
  In 2004, Bo Hua Hospital was appointed as a township employee basic medical service appointed hospital by the Jilin City government. Also in 2004, Bo Hua Hospital was named the appointed Hospital by three insurance agencies (urban area workers; urban but not working; rural citizens). As these three insurance groups encompass all citizens, this allows the Bo Hua Hospital to serve all citizens in the surrounding area. Bo Hua has also been appointed as the primary health care Hospital by the Korean senior society in Jilin City. 
The Jilin City Red Cross Society has designated Bo Hua Heart Hospital as the number one charity hospital in the city. In addition, the Jilin city government Welfare society works very closely with Bo Hua Heart Hospital to serve orphans and the underserved.
  Bo Hua Heart Hospital has a strong history and a very bright future. We invite you to visit us so we can serve you.

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