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   Department Introduction


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  Department of Radiology Bohua hospital, with 100 Ma mobile bedside X machine, X machine, 300 Ma Department of orthopedics digital frequency C type arm mobile X-ray machine, can carry out routine photography, X-ray, X-ray examination of gastrointestinal tract and heart coronary angiography, cardiac ventricular angiography, cerebral angiography, renal pelvis radiography, gallbladder, varicose vein angiography, C arm of lower lumbar spine fracture reduction, fracture of femoral head is fixed, since its establishment has been completed. More than 25000 people, more than 160 cases in contrast, pacemaker implantation in 1 cases.    

To carry out the project and the commitment to price (Saturday, Sunday at half price);

透视 3.00 元        胃肠透视 30.00元    头颅正侧位   44.00元 
胸部正位片 28.00元  胸部正侧位 56.00元  肩关节正斜位 44.00元
胸部、腰椎、颈椎、胸椎、骨盆、肱骨、股骨、膝、骨盆: 28.00元
肘、腕、踝、肩、单侧手、足、髋关节单侧位:  22.00元
心脏冠脉造影: 4500元
脑血管造影 : 3500-4500元

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