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   Department Introduction

Department of ENT(耳鼻喉科)

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Our new Department of ENT——Advanced diagnostic equipment;Good medical service;The expert of Department of ENT    
Jin Fengchun chief physician,He served in the Shenyang military region, ear nose throat director, Jilin Medical Association member of expert database, the original 465 Hospital Department of ENT director. With more than 40 years of clinical experience, the clinic common disease, diseases, chronic diseases, various tumors, throat, bronchial, timely diagnosis of various tumor disease. Especially the unique treatment for allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps  
Department of ENT disease symptoms and diagnosis:   
  Sputum with bloodshot eyes, hoarse voice -- may be related to laryngeal cancer, laryngeal tuberculosis, lung cancer, laryngeal hemangioma.
  Nasal congestion, nasal pus bloody, with tinnitus, aural fullness -- may be related to nasopharyngeal carcinoma, nasopharyngeal fibroma, nasal tuberculosis, malignant granuloma, pay the sinus cancer, atrophic rhinitis, nasal hemangioma.   
  Pharyngeal foreign body sensation, food difficult, sore throat -- may be related to hypopharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer acute food disgusted with arthritis   
The ear canal with pus and blood of evil smell, and hearing loss -- may be related to cancer of the middle ear, the middle ear tuberculosis, chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma.
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