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The Jilin City CP Bohua Cardiac Hospital started its journey as the Jilin City Bohua Hospital to diagnose and treat every heart disease, in 2000. In the following years, our hospital successfully did the different cardiac surgeries, such as the小儿先天性心脏病, the 成人心脏瓣膜置换 and etc.. Since 2005, the Bohua hospital successfully did the 心脏介入手术 and 心脏搭桥手术 as well as the 普外手术,骨科手术,妇科手术,微创手术 and etc.. The milestone of Bohua Hospital was the joint venture between our hospital and the Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), which is a multinational company. The Bohua Hospital switched its operating strategy from a private hospital to a joint venture company. Additionally, the CP operates through 30 pharmaceuticals and medical firms in the world (China). The successful business strategies and experience will be the crucial assets and opportunities to push Buhua hospital to be strong. Therefore, the Bohua Hospital, as the first partner of CP in Jilin province, renamed to the Jilin City CP Bohua Cardiac Hospital in March 2016.  This renovation was beneficial for Jilin Medical system. The Jilin City CP Bohua Cardiac Hospital will provide a fantastic service and contribution to the local community.
The Charoen Pokphand Group is listing in the world fortune 500 firms. It is participating a crucial role in different industries, covering agriculture, husbandry, finance, telecommunication, petroleum, real estate, pharmaceuticals and healthcare through 30 countries. The annual revenue of CP is over 10 billion, and the CP currently employs over 300, 000 people to conduct its investment, operation, and management in worldwide.  In 1990’, one of the most popular TV show was considered as “the Zhengda Variety Show”, which was a joint venture between CP group and CCTV. The CP group, as the first foreign investor, is leading Chinese market to be more dynamic than before.


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  · 感谢信-住院处主任王和、主治医曹
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